Logical access control

Two Factor Authentication without password(s)


Logical access control is a vital part of any corporation’s security system. Employees are obliged to log in and out of their workstation several times a day, and are frequently asked to change their password to guarantee data security and reduce potential breaches in security. This often leads to passwords’ loss while the time spent to fix it could actually be devoted to working. In some cases where higher security solutions are required, organizations integrate two factor authentication solutions (2FA) complexifying and lengthening again daily employee’s connections.

Biowatch’s biometric authentication solution uses 2FA and automatically logs the users on and off their workstations without them having to physically enter credentials and password(s). Upon login (or session unlock) and if the LeBracelet is active on the employee’s wrist and in proximity of the computer, LeBracelet automatically logs the user on. Thanks to continuous Bluetooth leash, the workstation will automatically lock the user session when LeBracelet becomes inactive or the user moves away from the PC beyond a configurable distance.

Biowatch biometric user authentication solution, based on wrist vein pattern, guarantees non-stop user authentication for both logical and physical access control.

“Based on field tests, our estimate is that each office worker, freed from passwords, can save up to 2 hours per year.”

The Biowatch solution integrates with your existing solutions.

Integration with macOS is in the development phase.

Why Our Corporate Clients Really Like Us


1. More productivity: Free of passwords and passwords’ updates, employees save time

2. More security & privacy: Non-transferable and respecting user’s privacy (data securely stored in the device)

3. More convenience: One single activation brings non-stop authentication