Physical access control

A more secure alternative to buildings than badges


Biowatch innovative biometric security technology – based on wrist vein pattern – offers a more secure alternative for access control to buildings, facilities, offices and restricted areas than a simple access control card by decreasing the risk of stolen or lost badges. Not only does the Biowatch solution increase corporate security, it doesn’t require extra training. Our easy-to-deploy solution guarantees that the day-to-day job of a security officer remains the same as per standard badges. Biowatch also takes care of segmentation to ensure a smooth and easy deployment for the corporation.

LeBracelet for access control offers an all-in-one solution, where employees can access both physical and software resources without the need for multiple credentials.


Biowatch integrates with your existing tools

Integration with HID is in the development phase.

Why Our Corporate Clients Really Like Us


1. More productivity: Free of passwords and passwords’ updates, employees save time

2. More security & privacy: Non-transferable and respecting user’s privacy (data securely stored in the device)

3. More convenience: One single activation brings non-stop authentication