Wearable Contactless Payment

The alternative to mobile payment


Wearable devices are entering the mainstream, and with increased adoption of users, financial services need to adapt to innovative payment methods.

Biowatch safe and secure solution offers an alternative to mobile payment; giving back to banks control over the payment process, a convenience payment method solution and is user-friendly. Biowatch solution emulates credit cards, as a result, it’s compatible with existing terminals. Users can pay at the cash registers, vending machines, online shops and apps.

Thanks to biowatch W band non-stop authentication a user can enter an authorized security area, log into the computer and pay without the need to physically do anything.

Whereas mobile phones are often out of reaching distance, in a pocket or a bag, the W band is conveniently located on the wrist of the user enabling “on-demand” wearable payment, with no active identification step to perform
at the point of sale

Biowatch’s integration within the bank’s environment


Biowatch’s W band contains a certified secure element and communicates through BLE and/or NFC

Biowatch SA masters every stack of hardware and software of the device and can implement all types of protocols.

The band communicates with Biowatch’s mobile app using a secured and proprietary BLE channel. The biowatch W band is autonomous and does not require the presence of the mobile phone for daily use cases. The mobile phone is only required for management and admin tasks like user’s enrolment and pairing of the biowatch with the various services.

The bank’s mobile application uses Biowatch’s SDK to communicate with the biowatch W band

To ensure a smooth integration with the banking system, Biowatch S.A. manages the project with all parties involved.