Biowatch Band

biowatch band for pre-orders

Biowatch combines all corporate authentication methods, both physical and logical access control, in a smart band. It is the replacement for traditional badges, passwords, cards, keys, PIN codes and goes beyond the power of fingerprints. Once on your wrist, the band reads your unique wrist vein pattern to provide automatic and non-stop authentication. Off your wrist, it is locked to all but you, guaranteeing the highest possible level of security.

Why Our Clients Really Like Us


1. More productivity: Free of passwords and passwords’ updates, employees save time

2. More security & privacy: Non-transferable and respecting user’s privacy (data securely stored in the device)

3. More convenience: One single activation brings non-stop authentication

Technology supporting the W band


All authentication methods, such as access control, ID management, credit cards, PIN codes, keys, car keys and much more, are combined in one place, a single band.


Thanks to its technology, the band is at the cutting edge of security. Off your wrist, it is locked to all but you.

 Embedded algorithm

Highly compact, our near-infrared wrist vein reader pictures a wide area of the wrist while the buckle is deployed. The very well contrasted image is further used for user identification

 Persistent identification

Once recognised by the algorithm the band will stay active as long the buckle remains closed on the wrist.


Most of the protocols based on NFC are available within the band. Moreover, the NFC chip is both passive and active.

 Bluetooth Low Energy

To communicate with smartphones and any other smart objects.


A tailor-made rechargeable lithium-ion battery is powering the band, up to 2 weeks on a single charge

The companion app


Configure your profile associated to the band. Once set up and paired to several services thanks to its companion app, the biowatch band works independently from the mobile to identify the user and access paired services in replacement of cards, keys, PIN codes, passwords and fingerprints.


Follow the instructions to enroll your wrist vein pattern in the band.


Use the app to pair your band with different use-cases


Use the app to back-up some data in case you would lose the band

 Mobile & Desktop

The companion app will be made available for iOS, Android, Linux, Windows and MacOS