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Could your technology be used in mobile in place of TouchID and other fingerprint, face, voice or iris readers?

Yes, but it would be a non-sens. Do you really imagine yourself unlocking your phone 100 times a day, confirming a mobile payment or opening your car by taking a picture of your wrist? Mobile biometrics means one authentication per use-case, where wearable biometrics means one authentication per day. We actually intend to bypass/surpass any mobile biometrics solutions.

What if I don’t wear watches?

According to Goode intelligence we will be at least 160 millions end-users of wearable biometrics by 2020. For the ones happy to benefit from our solution but not happy to wear a band or a watch we will also let them wear our technology in their sleeve.

Why wrist vein recognition and not fingerprint recognition or another existing biometric reader?

The main purpose of our wrist vein pattern recognition solution is to make sure the biowatch is worn on the right wrist. Any other biometric solution like fingerprint or face cannot help answering this question. The wearable might be activated by the right person but who knows who is actually wearing it? It is all about non-transferability. Wearable biometrics is a paradigm shift for authentication that disrupt any existing biometric solution. A great opportunity for new players like biowatch.

Is biowatch constantly monitoring my vein pattern?

No. Your wrist vein pattern is recognised only once, just before closing the clasp. Biowatch is then constantly monitoring that the wearable stays on the wrist.


Is really my vein pattern unique to me?

Looking at your wrist vein pattern with an infinite level of details will result in witnessing a unique pattern (even for twins). Obviously this is not the case with biowatch products due to several factors filtering information, ending up in an imperfect recognition system making some errors. So far, and according to our own statistical studies, we are confident sharing a False Acceptance Rate below 0,001% (one chance out of 100’000 that our algorithm mistakes while trying to recognise your vein pattern). This figure is 2 times better than TouchID solution.

What if someone chops my arm?

The biowatch will be able to detect a change in body capacity and (for some product line) a change in pulse rate, resulting in a deactivation of the watch. No possibility to activate a biowatch with a dead hand. In addition, the biowatch is setup to deactivate automatically after 12 hours making such an attack even more useless.

Does te module detects fake vein patterns?

Our algorithm is able to detect a wide range of spoofing attacks from drawing on the skin to printed attack.

Does it work on dark skins?

Yes, as good as on white skin.

Does it work on tatoos?

Yes. The observed pattern is a mix between the veins and the tatoo but recognition occurs as it would with only veins.

What if for any reason it does not work on me?

You may be part of our Failure to Enroll (FTE) rate that we estimate being below 0,01%. In such as case you will be using our companion app to activate your module and may experience restriction when dealign with some applications.

You want to know more ?

Biowatch is the replacement for traditional badges, cards, keys, passwords, PIN codes and biometrics. Once on your wrist it provides seamless authentication to your devices, services and premises.

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