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Your ID made wearable

The Biowatch band is the replacement for traditional badges, cards, keys, passwords, PIN codes and biometrics. Weared on your wrist it provides secure and seamless authentication to your devices, services and premises.


No More Passwords

Your presence near your laptop or workstation is sufficient to unlock it, and moving away to automatically lock it, same goes for your phone and tablet. Access your favourite applications and websites with a simple click, no login required. Biowatch is actually a multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution with a user experience of 0 factor authentication (0FA). A unique value proposition.

No more keys and cards to carry

Biowatch has been designed to seamlessly fit into your existing security access systems and complies with all security gate and lock protocols. Moreover, Biowatch secured access cannot be transferred to a 3rd party.

No more cards to lose or PINs to remember

Rotate your wrist to choose the credit card account you want to pay with and tap the terminal to pay. No PIN required plus no restricted transaction limit. Biowatch enables online payments with a simple click whilst ensuring biometric-level identification. With a Biowatch module on your wrist you will never waste time looking for your wallet or entering a PIN code again. More importantly your transactions cannot be observed or captured by a thief.

No more car keys to carry

Your presence near your car is sufficient to unlock it, and moving away to automatically lock it. You can transfer your car keys to another Biowatch module with a simple click, to enable valet parking or car sharing. Moreover, your driver profile is loaded whilst approaching the vehicle, adjusting the mirrors, the seats and resuming a favourite playlist all to suit your style and convenience.

Stop carrying transport cards and tickets

Any NFC cards that you use for mobility (train, subway, tramway, bus, car sharing, bike sharing,etc …) can be transferred into your Biowatch module. And if you do not have an existing mobility subscription to transfer you can simply pay as you go.

And much more…

The Biowatch module is designed to replace all existing authentication solutions including ID cards, passports, loyalty cards, hotel cards, mobile phones etc… It is designed to bring hyper personalisation to a wide range of environments such as homes, hotel rooms, cars, stores, websites, billboards etc… One more thing, the Biowatch module is also a very reliable activity tracker too.

Thank you to support us!

More than 100 partners, clients, friendly companies and institutions support Biowatch’s vision and efforts towards more seamless, secure and private transactions.