“Data is the oil of the New Economy.”

This introduction to the subject is clear. Consumers’ data will be at the center of most industries in the next few years. Today, we are more connected than ever, and this evolution won’t decrease.

One question is already open, Who is controlling data. Is it a government? One of those big enterprises like Google or Apple? Or every one of us has the right on our own private information?

We won’t be able to avoid this question as the hashtag #My31 has already been launched. Talking about data, Tim Berners-Lee was saying “The more thing you have connected together, the more powerful it is.” We are moving to a globally connected world where everyone is sharing, sometimes very personal information without even being aware of it.


So what about Biowatch in this new ecosystem. Integrity and data privacy are unbreakable values for us. In our technology, all personal data are staying inside the bracelet in an unbreakable digital vault. For Biowatch, you have the right on your data and it will be up to you to share them.

Matthias Vanoni, CEO of BiowatchID was a speaker at the event


Thank you to S-GE, Innovaud, digitalswitzerland, and all the speakers and inspiring peoples that shared their opinion during this event.

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– BiowatchID Team