A team aligned behind a vision

We are convinced that the future of digital identity is made of the right combination of wearables and biometrics. This vision leads us.

Our values

Most companies forget about privacy when balancing security versus convenience. We don't


Time is a precious resource and our mission is to make the best use of wearables to optimise it. We believe in instant access to our devices, services and premises.


When delivering the module, the Biowatch team is delivering a promise: only the legitimate user can activate and use the module. This means putting security at the core of our work.


User data privacy is in our DNA, inherited from co-founder Joe Rice and reinforced by rationality. We believe that an anti-big brother approach is a better business model to serve our clients.


The intimate nature of wearables leaves us with no alternative but delivering products as beautiful inside as outside. Designing products that people will love to wear is an obsession within our team.

The team

Joe Rice


Matthias Vanoni

Co-Founder and CEO

Joël Bonny


Clément Brazille

Art Director

Jacques Dollé

Industrial Designer

Stanislas Cottard

VP Embedded Software

Sébastien Henneberger

Software Engineer

Antoine Bellanger

Apple Architect

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